Located in Cleveland Ohio, I’m a senior UI/UX designer fueled by coffee and donuts.

I started out as a medical illustrator, spent some time as an animator, and eventually landed in UI/UX design. I like to think of myself as a visual problem solver above all other titles. The 10 years of experience I have in medical illustration and educational publishing informs the decisions I make as a UI/UX designer, by understanding how people learn.

As much as I love solving design problems, I also love weaving stories into my designs through animation and illustration.

My tools of choice are Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator, A variety of other Adobe CC apps on my desktop and iPad, a pencil, paper, and my brain. I also enjoy experimenting with animation, specifically CSS animations. Since my college days I’ve been interested in game design, and how games can intersect with learning in a positive way. Particularly subjects or topics that lend themselves to the medium, and/or are difficult to learn using traditional teaching methods. I have limited experience here, but I would love the opportunity to grow. I’m comfortable working with print and digital media. My degree is a BFA in Biomedical Art, which means I studied art, design, and animation, as well as things like human biology, microbiology, anatomy and physiology, genetics, and population biology.

My unique skills and experience have helped me mentor other creatives as an Adobe Illustrator Mentor in the official Illustrator Discord, through live streaming every Saturday and Sunday at 4pm Eastern on Behance, and hosting the Adobe Illustrator Daily Creative Challenges. Additionally, I’m a part of a small group of incredible individuals called the Art Squad, which organizes weekly virtual meetings and occasional collaborative projects together.

Above all, I love having the opportunity to connect with and give back to the creative community.