Rogue Planet Coffee Roasters Branding & Stationary. December 2019

AI Daily Creative Challenge December 2019. Day 4 – Create a symbol by using abstract shapes. Playing with angles, shapes, and lines can communicate ideas without words!

Branding and product design for a fictitious company called Rogue Planet Coffee Roasters. The logo looks like a planet cut open to reveal a coffee bean inside. Several examples of labels are provided with different color schemes for each type of coffee, and mockups of the brand and labels on coffee bags are shown. Also included is a mockup of a disposable coffee cup with the logo on it.
Thumbnail of some examples of the stationary designs pictured below.

AI Daily Creative Challenge December 2019. Day 9 – Let’s combine all of our lessons to create a stationary set including letterhead, business cards, and an envelope. Try creating multiple color versions for extra practice.

Rogue Planet brand stationary design, featuring letterhead, envelope, business card, buttons, coffee cup sleeve, and notebook.