Be a Unicornasaurus in a field of unicorns

This project was inspired by Sara Mapes, Junicorn Prompts, the idea being to draw unicorns throughout the month of June 2022, and also full-filled, one, singular animal anatomy study for June 2022 with Wade Acuff (although I guess it’s more half-and-half a study). We started doing some sketches in Illustrator on the iPad, and they kept looking like dinosaurs so we just rolled with it, thus the Unicornasaurus Rex was born. I really would like to make this one into a t-shirt if there’s enough demand. I’ve included a mock-up below of that idea using a quote from the live chat. You can also find replays of the live streams below to see how this project evolved.

Illustration of a chimera unicorn/T-Rex with a tiny, dainty crown
T-shirt mockup with the illustration on the front and "Be a Unicornasaurus in a field of unicorns" on the back
Sketches that began as a unicorn and turned into a dinosaur.