Boox | Little Book House. October 2022

Book Little Book House logo featuring a book and bookmark in the shape of a birdhouse.

Boox is a project I put together for a Create Together Event in the Illustrator Discord, the theme was “Books.” It was a quick branding exercise so that I could share my branding process with others. I also worked on this during my live streams on Behance, I’ve attached the replays to this project.

Brand identity for Book featuring a color palette, andtypefaces.
Logo concepts with color variations on light and dark backgrounds.
Logo variations with and without the birdhouse mark.

Below you can find my initial notes on the project, this is how I generally start this work, brainstorming lots of ideas and testing out fonts, colors, and shapes to hone in on the direction I want to explore. The main concept was creating a little free library brand. These are usually small boxes that are placed in public setting such as parks, or schools. The boxes are vert reminiscent of bird houses, and so that was the direction I took. The name was brainstormed on the live stream, and the shape of the owl’s face fit perfectly within the letters.

Notes and logo sketches, pretty much all featuring a birdhouse and book motifs.