Yoann Turpin requested my help on another album cover in March 2022, this time for “Golden Bits” and he had a specific vision in mind. Yoann shared a sketch with me, and a preview of the music on the album, along with a specific note that the text should evoke melted gold.  This presented me with a unique challenge , and an opportunity to make use of my Substance 3D subscription. I wanted to keep the album in Illustrator as much as possible, but I also knew it would be difficult due to some of the limitations, specifically regarding reflections in the 3D effects, so I kept in mind that I might need to move to a 3d program to complete the task. With some clever use of gradients and materials I created in Substance Stager, I was able to keep this all in Illustrator. The cover is fairly straightforward, a turntable with melting gold text for the album name.

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Golden Bits album cover featuring the words in shiny 3D dripping gold over a record player

Livestreams: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Just the record player separated out
Mockup of the album art on a vinyl record sleeve