Seven Days of Book Logos. October 2020

I participated in a 7 days of logo challenge, and decided to create all of my logos based on a few of my favorite books!

Logo for The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, featuring the number 42 stylized to look like a hand with the thumb out, and Marvin's head below.
Logo for Frankenstein, featuring a broken hand mirror with the name of the book inside. The background is bisected down the middle with black on the left and white on the right.
Logo for The Little Prince, a minimalist fox curled around a rose, stars, and a planet
Logo for Animal Farm featuring a windmill with razors as blades and a mean looking pig below, obfuscated by a ribbon with the book's name on it.
Logo for The Secret Garden with the 'G' stylized as a wheelchair with a lotus flower design in the wheel and the 'n' stylized as a door in a wall.
Logo for The Call of the Wild featuring two wolves arched as 2 halves of a circle with the name of the book in the center.
Logo for To Kill A Mockingbird, where the words are bisected by a horizontal line with a bird perched to the left, a reflection below in red.