VGM Remix Collection | Yoann Turpin. September 2020

Yoann Turpin and I teamed up to create artwork for his VGM Remix Collection in late September 2020. This time, he provided the theme, video game music, and provided no style direction or imagery. Yoann wanted to see what I would come up with just having fun exploring the theme. I decided to create a fully isometric illustration of an imaginary video game console based on the design of other retro video game consoles. The console is split open to reveal a magical scene with the album name, Yoann’s name, ribbon cords, a motherboard, and, of course, a keyboard.

I shared my process creating the illustration live on Behance over two days. A majority of the composition and illustration work was done during the two livestreams, with details added later to finish the illustration. Links to the replays below:

Livestream on Behance Part One

Livestream on Behance Part Two

Go check out the music!

Cover art for the VGM Remix Collection album as described above. As a bonus, the keyboard that is mostly hidden on the inside of the console is displayed separately.
Mockup of the art on a vinyl record album.