Hip Bot & Bit Hop | Yoann Turpin. November 2021

Album art for Hip Bot & Bit Hop by Yoann Turpin, featuring a robot character with a CRT television for an abdomen and a reel-to-reel setup on it's chest.

Yoann Turpin and I worked together again in early November 2021 for artwork for his upcoming Hip Bot & Bit Hop album. He provided me his idea through a sketch and a preview of the music on the album to get a sense of the style for the art and design. The sketch included a large scale robot occupying the cover, with the title displayed on the front of the robot with the letters in the title joined together where the letters repeated across the words. We worked on this live on Behance, the replay you can find below.

But the album!

Livestreams: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

I thought this would be a great opportunity to explore the new 3D Effects in Illustrator to create the robot in a different style than my usual work. The album name and Yoann’s name displayed on a vintage style monitor making up a large portion of the robot’s body. I had a lot of fun exploring the style, using the 3D Effects in Illustrator for the general shading and form, and adding the details overtop.

Mockup of the album art on a vinyl record.