Clavi, Wurly & CP: A Chiptunes Tale | Yoann Turpin. May 2020

Yoann Turpin and I worked together in early May 2020 to create artwork for his Clavi, Wurli, & CP: A Chiptunes Tale album. Yoann sent over a sketch for the idea he had in his head along with some samples of the music. One of my favorite songs on this album is “Don’t Eat That Donut”. He wanted to combine three different historical keyboards: the clavinet, wurlitzer, and CP-80. At the center of the keyboards, he wanted a handheld game to reflect his unique chiptunes style.

I envisioned a retrowave style with a dark background and glowing pinks and blues and neon text effects on the letters. I also wanted to utilize the penrose triangle for the keyboards. I shared my process creating the illustration live on Behance over two days as well. The community in the chat offered up some great suggestions about the style of the gaming device, and direction the text effects took.

Livestream on Behance Part One

Livestream on Behance Part Two

Checkout Clavi, Wurly & CP: A Chiptunes Tale here!

The album cover as described above. Below is the sketch next to the finished penrose triangle keyboard.
A mockup of the album art on a vinyl recod album.